We help our clients achieve their dream of having a family through the surrogate process.

Our Managing Partner, Celsa Núñez, worked with one of Florida’s main law offices; her experience and strong ties with the U.S. makes us precursors in this area. Americans have practiced surrogate gestation (commonly known as ‘surrogacy’) for the last four decades, which is basically using the womb of a woman to transfer embryos from a couple or a person who wants to conceive a child but cannot do so for any number of reasons (such as infertility). At ICN LEGAL, we stand by you through the whole process and provide you sound legal advice, guaranteeing the well-being of all those involved:
  • The choice of country. We can advise you on the best options in Spain and abroad.
  • Agency, clinic, and insurance company
  • Completion and revision of the surrogacy agreement
  • Legal recognition and/or consolidation of legal recognition to establish filiation of children born through this gestation system
  • Registration of the child or children in the corresponding registry

Our specialist partner in the matter


Isabel Núñez


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