What do I do to stop having shared property with my former partner?
When a couple with jointly owned property makes the decision to separate or divorce, they must go through what is legally known as the “division of common property” or actio communi dividundo in Latin. As lawyers specializing in family law, we want to devote this new blog post to explaining this concept.
What does alimony consist of in a divorce case?
Although we’ve already addressed this topic in previous posts, as lawyers specializing in family law, we know it is a matter that continually elicits questions, so we’d like to return to it. We’re referring to alimony in a divorce case.
Does a divorce decree from a non-EU country need to be recognized in Spain if I want to remarry here?
In this new post, as lawyers specializing in family law, we want to again focus on an issue that often raises questions from our clients when they already have a divorce decree issued by a country outside of the European Union. In these cases, the exequatur procedure must be discussed.
Can parental authority be “taken away”?
As lawyers specializing in family law, want to discuss parental authority in this post. First of all, we should clarify that even if one parent has sole custody of the children, the other parent’s parental authority remains intact. But can it be “lost”? We’ll answer that question in the following lines.

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