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International attorneys 

We are committed to International Law because we have lived in other countries, we know the territory, and more importantly, we are very knowledgeable of domestic and international laws applicable to our country and abroad. We have handled these legal matters for so many years, that we consider them our biggest strength.

Our scope of work is highlighted by over 15 years of experience in Family Law (domestic and international), International Trade, Business Globalization, Foreign Trade, Investments, Corporate Law, International Contracts Law, and Intellectual and Industrial Property.

Our Managing Partner, Celsa Núñez, worked at one of the top-10 ranked Florida (US) law firms for many years. Her experience provides us a deeper understanding of Anglo-Saxon practices, which helps us streamline complex international procedures in these countries. Isabel Núñez also specialized in foreign Family Law and Community Law.

We are very knowledgeable of international laws on Family, Civil, Intellectual and Industrial Property, and Commercial matters and we know how to cross our geographic boundaries. Also, language is not a barrier for us. All members of the ICN LEGAL team speak perfect English.

15 years of experience practicing law

We have over 15 years of professional experience. We gained much of this experience while serving as judges in Barcelona’s civil and criminal courts – as is the case with Celsa Núñez and Luis Ramírez – and while practicing law as a Government jurist – as is the case with Isabel Núñez.

Our experience at the other side of the courtroom provides us with a competitive advantage: we have an excellent knowledge of procedural phases and all that they entail: time, resources, best defense strategies, legal defense in court, etc.

For this very reason and because of continuous training in our areas of expertise, we are able to foresee the results of court cases and attain positive results for our clients.

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